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MPS Committees

The business of the Michigan Psychiatric Society (MPS) is conducted by the Executive Council and various committees.  The President and Council may appoint officers and members to task forces and ad-hoc committees as needed.

MPS Committees:

  • Budget and Audit Committee
  • Executive and Bylaws Committee
  • Membership & Fellowship Committee
  • Nominations & Elections Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Legislation & Public Policy Committee
  • Community Psychiatry Committee
  • Communications & Advocacy Committee
  • Integrated Care & Workforce Committee
  • Medical Directors Committee
  • Physicians Wellness Committee
  • Patient Advocacy Committee
  • Program Committee

Current Task Forces:

  • Strategic Planning

Recent task forces have included: Federal Parity Study Group, Flint Water Crisis, Rural Psychiatry, Mental Health and Corrections, and Mental Health Commission Liaison.

Are you interested in joining a committee?  Please contact michpsychsoc@gmail.com

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