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The Michigan Psychiatric Society is a state specialty medical society, and a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association. Founded in 1908, MPS has served as the voice of Michigan psychiatry for more than a century.

Our mission is to represent the interests and professional needs of psychiatric physicians in Michigan while striving to ensure quality care for people with mental disorders and their families through promotion of education, research, and advocacy.


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The Michigan Psychiatric Society will be having our Annual Spring Meeting virtually on Friday, April 16th, 2021 and there will be 6 hours of CME available.

Our Keynote Speakers
Christina L. Wichman, D.O. | “Perinatal Psychiatry for the General Psychiatrist”
Kipling Bohnert, PhD | "Medical Cannabis Use: Recent Findings and Emerging Topics Relevant to Psychiatry"
Arash Javanbakht MD |"PTSD, its Neurobiology, Treatments, and Refugee Trauma"
Brandon T. Unruh, M.D. | “Top 10 Tips for Managing Borderline Personality Disorder in General Psychiatric Practice" 
Cheryl D. Wills, M.D., DFAPA, ACP | "Using Structural Competence to Achieve Health Equity"
C. Chauncey Spears, MD | "An Update on Tardive and Drug Induced Movement Disorders"


Email us for more information at michpsychsoc@gmail.com.

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